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Mediation can be an easier way to divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Divorce |

Divorce has earned a reputation for being drawn out, messy ordeals. Because of this, some couples choose to delay separating rather than face the process of a long divorce.

What many people don’t know is that there’s a simpler method. Mediation can accomplish the same goals as a divorce while keeping costs and time investment lower.

Here are a couple reasons you should consider mediation as an option when pursuing a legal separation:


While divorce proceedings can quickly rack up costs, mediation can be a cheaper alternative. Mediation doesn’t incur court fees like a standard divorce.

Instead, two people work towards a common goal without relying on the court system. This can reduce the number of hours billed by accountants, attorneys or other experts.

Some couples stay together because they are afraid a divorce would cost too much. Mediation can help lessen the financial impact of a divorce.


Court proceedings can move at a slower pace than some people would like. This is no different for divorce cases.

Contended divorces can take months to sort out through court. This can make some people frustrated, as they wait for a stressful period of their lives to wrap up.

Mediation can be much faster—it all depends on the people participating. The goal of mediation is to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both sides.

It requires both people work together, rather than competing as is the case in the court system.

Having a shared goal means mediation can bring resolution faster than standard divorces.


In Georgia, court records are available to the public. This means if you are in a standard divorce, the entire process can be available for anyone to see.

Mediation is private between the people divorcing, their attorneys and an impartial third party. There are no records available to the public when you go through mediation.

Privacy can be a big concern for some people. Mediation can offer a level of privacy that court-based divorce cannot match.

These are just a few reasons to consider mediation as an alternative to a litigated divorce. If you have any questions about mediation or divorce in general, speak to an attorney knowledgeable in family law.