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Georgia drug possession classifications and penalties

Not all drug crimes are created equal. Being caught with a very small amount of marijuana is not the same as being caught with heroin. The penalties for possession vary based on the type of drug, but make no mistake, possession of any controlled substance is a serious crime.

The State of Georgia has complex controlled substances statutes. These laws dictate the classification for different types of drugs, and determine the severity of penalties.

Why Georgia is one of the strictest states on DUI

Many party-goers underestimate how serious a DUI charge can be. They think that they can drive as long as it is a short distance to their home or if they only had a few drinks and are perfectly capable of going behind the wheel. These assumptions prove to be their downfall and they suffer consequences that prove troublesome for their short and long-term goals.

If the DUI charge is in Georgia, then the punishments are even worse. Last year, personal finance website Wallethub said that Georgia is the second strictest state for DUI penalties. Before you or a friend think about hopping in the driver seat after the next beer, you should be aware of the ramifications that await from the different levels of DUI charges.

Georgia implied consent: Refuse a chemical test, get convicted

Graduations, holidays and the Georgia sunshine create environments for celebration. Adults of all ages make the decision to consume alcohol, yet a fraction of these people drive while intoxicated. A conviction of driving drunk in Georgia holds serious consequences. Not only do you face legal troubles and jail time, you can injure or kill yourself, loved ones and strangers.

Georgia motorists should understand that the implied consent law may further punish drunk drivers. Knowing the potential penalties of your refusal to breathalyze and a potential DUI charge may help you make an informed decision to not drink and drive. Taking measures to prevent a DUI conviction may even save your life or the lives of others.

Reasons not to try a do-it-yourself divorce

There is a lot to think about if you are considering getting a divorce. Divorce can be messy and complicated. Aside from the emotional effect it could have on you, there are other potential negative results of a divorce.

Divorce is expensive and you might consider doing it yourself rather than having attorneys involved. While this might seem like a good idea from a financial standpoint, it is not recommended.

Mediation can be an easier way to divorce

Divorce has earned a reputation for being drawn out, messy ordeals. Because of this, some couples choose to delay separating rather than face the process of a long divorce.

What many people don’t know is that there’s a simpler method. Mediation can accomplish the same goals as a divorce while keeping costs and time investment lower.

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