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Attorney Katherine A. Gonos
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Providing An Effective Defense When You Face Violent Crime Charges

The consequences of a conviction for a violent crime can be catastrophic. It can mean long-term incarceration in our state or federal prisons. You risk losing everything without an adequate defense from an attorney who will protect your rights and future.

With over a decade of criminal defense experience, attorney Katherine Gonos knows Georgia’s criminal courts. Ms. Gonos understands how to negotiate for the best plea deal. She can skillfully cross-examine witnesses on the stand and fight to prevent the admission of improper evidence or testimony.

Providing Representation For An Array Of Charges

Katherine A. Gonos, Attorney at Law, regularly represents individuals facing felony charges, including:

  • Attempted murder and murder
  • Assault and armed robbery
  • Burglary and theft crimes
  • Kidnapping and rape

Violent crimes can be complex. Frequently, individuals are named as accessories for violent crimes committed by others. There are instances when alleged conspirators will testify against someone else to receive better sentencing during a plea deal.

It is vital in such situations to have a lawyer on your side who will aggressively defend you against such charges. Attorney Gonos will be there to tell your side of the story and counter false allegations. She has a record for success when taking on challenging cases and will strive to reduce or eliminate the consequences arising from any criminal charge.

Arrange For An Immediate Consultation

To set up a consultation with a skilled lawyer, please contact Katherine A. Gonos, Attorney at Law, located in Valdosta. For your convenience, Ms. Gonos can meet with you will meet off-site. She also accepts weekend appointments. You can reach her by calling 229-269-4923 or by submitting the online intake form.