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3 facts about aggravated assault

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Assault charges in Georgia may occur in a number of ways, from arguing over questions of property ownership to conflict over personal relationships; however, aggravated assault is unlike other types of charges that may sound similar.

According to Erie News Now, aggravated assault may share certain aspects of assault and battery, but the two are not equal. In fact, aggravated assault includes several different actions, distinguishing it from simple assault, which could change the circumstances of any charges pressed.

1. Aggravated assault carries intent

Those charged with aggravated assault in Georgia may want to understand that authorities involved with the case believe they intended to harm the one assaulted. This differs from simple assault, where intent existed, but the actual assault did not occur.

2. Aggravated assault includes the use of a weapon

Those charged with aggravated assault might face this charge if they used a weapon during the incident. This includes knives, firearms and blunt objects. Any other object used as a weapon, such as using a piece of clothing to smother or strangle someone, usually also falls under this definition.

3. Georgia penalties include fines and possible jail time

Individuals charged with aggravated assault in Georgia may face a variety of fines and other punishments if convicted. These include up to 20 years of probation or the same amount of time in prison, depending on the gravity of the situation. Courts may also grant those assaulted restitution for medical bills, as well as punitive damages.

Because each aggravated assault case has its own circumstances, charges may vary once authorities examine the particulars.